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Paintings by CAP


A little bit of info on CAP
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A little bit of info on CAP

Born in Dartford Kent U.K
This artist has an enthusiastic and vibrant personality that shines through in her work.
I have always known that she has a special talent,
She can be a little eccentric at times due to her artistic temparment I am sure..<I hope she never cuts off her ear!>
Carol has been my closest friend for many years and for many more to come I hope.
By Amanda Stredwick


This is me "scatty" as some like to call me.
I say " I am an intellectual my mind to busy with my muse to file away mundane details.
I like spiritual people and have met some very wonderful people in my travels <you know who you are>.
Well I don't like to blow my own trumpet so have a look around and please sign my guest book.
er...blah de blah etc. Tata! for now!